Request a trial

If you are interessted in this product, you can request a demo version. Please specify the PVCS version and the VS version you want to use.

The demo version can be used against a Test-TFS-server! With this demo you can try the import. Only the first 50 files will be imported real. All other files will only contain the PVCS-Path and the revision. Also the comments are restricted and the username is removed.
Access to the PVCS is always only done in read-only mode. You can also select to only import the first 50 files, this makes it easier for testing.
With this version you can check if the tool does what you want (structure / changesets / labels).

To request a demo version, please sent an e-mail to “demo at pvcs2tfs dot com” and specify the PVCS version you have and the VS version you want to use!

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