• Can we use Visual Studio Online for testing?
  • Will the full tool will migrate over the user ID who checked in the file, the date and time of check-in and the full change description?
    • With TFS, it is not possible to check-in with a different username or use a different timestamp. Therefor the import will use the current username and the current date/time. The full PVCS comment, username and checkIn-date/time will be shown in the comment of the changeset.
  • How does the tool hand migrating branches from PVCS to TFS?
    • The PVCS history is imported in a flat, chronically ordered list for each file. All branches are also imported into this flat list. This means that the order of the generated changesets contain main-revisions and branches in the same level. If you do a “compare with previous” version it might happen, that it will compare a main-revision with a revision from a branch, because the previous version was a branched version! It might also happen, that the last version is not from the main branch, there a special label called “__PvcsImportLatest__” is added, so you can make “real” TFS branches from labels. This is also the recommended way to deal with branches after migrating from PVCS to TFS: Create a “real” TFS-branch from a PVCS label!
  • How is the “common changeset detection” really working? And why have my files larger differences than just the specified +/- 6 seconds?
  • How is the demo Version restricted?
    • Only the first 50 files will be migrated
    • The author name in the comment is a “demo name”
    • The check-in date/time in the comment is a “demo-date/time”
    • The comment from PVCS check-in is truncated
    • It has a time limitation
    • If any of the limits are reached, it will not import the file content, instead it will import a file with the content “PathRevision”
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