This PVCS-to-TFS tool imports the PVCS archive as a flat file list with the complete history and all branched-versions and labels.

PVCS and TFS are two different systems. TFS is based on changesets and PVCS is based on labels and branches. But TFS also support labels. This tool now imports the PVCS databases into TFS and preserves all labels. It also imports all files (including all branched files) in a flat changeset hierarchy. And because these labels are imported you can access all files with the specified labels as in PVCS. Also you can additionally access all files by selecting a changest. A changeset is created based on the same username, comment and a similar date! So later in TFS you have a real changeset, where in PVCS there is no such thing as a changeset!

For more informations, please take a look at the documentation


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